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Go Beyond Concept
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In this era of time, branding new mindset, thought and action, thus making possible solutions to all situations, is the motivation making GSS go beyond concept.

<Technology Services Director>
This division, newly created, has two units; the assembly unit and customer unit. Solutions are customer-oriented.

The company started with R&D works; and the viable products of these works are profiled in the software unit and the hardware unit. See About for how GSS started.
Perpetual Electric Generator
Presently, the company's R&D Division is testing a series of Perpetual Electric Generator (PEG) technologies found on the Internet through YouTube. Have a look at this video, "PEG", and you will likely see what is in the future  for electric energy generation .

In the above respect, the company has discoutinued its works on its pioneering project, the Micro Hydroelectric Generator, (MHG). The PEG has presented a smarter technique.

The BPG Technology Release
The release, in-part, of the guides to the BPG technology to the public by the company will begin in a few weeks time. The release is starting a new era of electric energy generation.

Timeline of Some of our Past Works
In the last 20 years, we have been involved in different types of innovative solution-based projects. Enlisted are some of these solution-based projects.

Five 2017 Best Innovative Technologies
These are those innovative technology products we found very useful as per the human issues they will solve. There are more, but these Five Technologies left us standing.
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